MOCA Parade Float

MOCA raises awareness of ovarian cancer by participating in community events across Minnesota, including local parades with our very own float! 

In 2010, MOCA was given a professionally designed float to use in parades across the state. The resources required to build, maintain and store the float were donated by generous supporters specifically for that purpose – Thank You!

Participating in a parade is one of the most enjoyable ways to promote MOCA’s mission:

  • MOCA’s parade float can be “checked out” and used in parades around Minnesota to inform women about ovarian cancer symptoms and the personal support that MOCA provides.
  • The float provides a great visual tool to raise awareness of ovarian cancer in hometown and/or events!

Based on past experiences, you may be surprised by the applause and cheers you receive — and how many symptom cards you’ll hand out!


The float is easy to move, with sides that fold up and a cover to keep everything dry and protected en route to the parade location. When unfolded, it displays a huge teal ribbon, along with the MOCA logo and website address.

We also have magnetic banners to decorate the sides of a car, along with a large banner that can be carried by two walkers. These items can be used with or without the float. MOCA can also provide symptom cards to pass out to spectators along the parade route if so desired.

The float is available to use free of charge, but there are some things to consider:

  • There must be a vehicle with a trailer package (hitch) and a 2” ball to pull the trailer
  • The trailer (12ft. long by 6.5 ft. wide) itself is stored in Bloomington, MN
  • It is the responsibility of whoever chooses to”check out” the float to pick it up & drop it off in Bloomington, MN
  • Costs such as entering parades or events, gas mileage and damage incurred during the floats’ usage are responsibilities of the user.

If you think you might be interested, contact our Community and Support Program Manager Chris Wick at

MOCA Parade Float

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