MOCA Mentor Program

Are you a survivor or caregiver looking for support? The MOCA Mentor Program is a group of MOCA members who are available to connect over the phone and share their stories and experiences with others.

The Mentor Program includes survivors, partners of survivors, daughters who have lost their mothers to ovarian cancer, and friends of survivors.

A phone call from a survivor is always offered to any woman who is newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer that calls the MOCA office. You should receive a phone call within three business days of your request, but usually sooner.

If there is anything in particular you’d like to talk about (your stage of cancer, being a caretaker while going through treatment, a specific doctor/hospital, experiencing a recurrence, etc.), we will try to best match you to a mentor with a similar experience.

If you’d like to receive a call from a MOCA Mentor, call our office at (612) 822-0500 or email our Community and Support Program Manager Chris Wick at

Survivor Stories

I want to encourage other survivors to find inner tools that can create new possibilities for themselves despite the disease.

Ovarian cancer survivors share their stories, because no one should have to face this disease alone.
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