Survivor Resources

There are many issues a woman faces when living with ovarian cancer.  While the journey can be overwhelming, there is support, hope and help available to all survivors.  You are never alone!

The American Cancer Society has a comprehensive website with a search feature to help survivors and family members fin resources. In addition, MOCA has compiled this list of links to programs that ovarian cancer survivors and the larger cancer community have found to be beneficial.

Transportation Assistance

  • Road to Recovery (Rides to Treatment) – This American Cancer Society program provides resources for cancer patients who have trouble getting to and from treatments.
  • Corporate Angel Network – Arranges free air transportation for cancer patients traveling to treatment using the empty seats on corporate jets.

Financial Assistance

  • Angel Foundation – A community resource that provides emergency financial assistance to people while receiving treatment for cancer.
  • Pay It Forward Fund – Provides assistance to women’s cancer patients to help pay their bills while they undergo treatment at North Memorial, Unity, Mercy or Monticello-Big Lake Hospitals.  Covers essential living expenses.
  • Financial Grants for Adoption – Lists numerous organizations that offer financial assistance to those looking to adopt.

Health and Complementary Therapies

  •  Pathways Minneapolis- Pathways is a building, space, and a community. It is a place set aside for exploring ways to come to holistic health through classes, special events, and individual sessions.
  • Virginia Piper Cancer Institute - Provides a variety of educational events on many topics.
  •  Well Within - Well Within is a wellness resource center created to assist and encourage people in the midst of a health challenge or those who are seeking wellness and balance within their lives
  • Health Resources & Services Administration - The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Tens of millions of Americans get affordable health care and other help through HRSA programs.

Household Assistance

  • Lotsa Helping Hands- Free, private, web-based communities for organizing friends, family, and colleagues – your ‘circles of community’ – during times of need. Easily coordinate activities and manage volunteers with our intuitive group calendar. 
  • Angel Clean by Green Darlene – Offers free in-home cleaning services for cancer patients who are currently undergoing treatment.  Email or call (612) 232-6573.
  • Cleaning for a Reason – Offers free in-home cleaning services for women with cancer.
  • Ovations – Ovations is a non-profit, national organization which provides patients with healthy meals. Ovations can provide patients with meals – free of charge – across all of the United States.
  • Open Arms – A Minnesota-based service, Open Arms provides home delivered meals to women with ovarian cancer in the Twin Cities.

Legal and Other Assistance

  • Cancer Legal Line – Provides free legal information and resources for cancer patients and their loved ones.
  • OCNA Webinars - OCNA’s Webinar Series will educate you on a variety of topics including health care reform, clinical trials and how to get involved in local ovarian cancer organizations. You will hear from top doctors, experts, legislators and more.

Survivor Stories

I want to encourage other survivors to find inner tools that can create new possibilities for themselves despite the disease.

Ovarian cancer survivors share their stories, because no one should have to face this disease alone.
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