lesley-manning-headshot20 Years of Progress Profiles: Lesley Manning  

As MOCA celebrates 20 years in 2019, we are profiling a MOCA supporter each month. Some will have long-standing ties with our organization, and some will have connected with us more recently. They’ll all share a common thread of caring deeply about MOCA’s mission.

Our July profile is focused on a survivor who was recently diagnosed – and has immersed herself in all that MOCA has to offer. Meet Lesley.

Tell us about how you first became connected with MOCA.

I was diagnosed in April 2018 with Stage IIIA ovarian cancer. After surgery, I contacted MOCA at the suggestion of my oncologist. My first contact with MOCA was a reassuring phone conversation, followed by receipt of a MOCA Cares Kit they sent me. It was a pleasant surprise and so appreciated as I had just started chemo.

I consistently read the MOCA website for support and information. Once I felt better, I attended a support meeting where I found the sharing of stories with fellow cancer patients and their family members comforting.

Later on, I was offered the opportunity to participate in a maintenance clinical trial. I learned that this trial was funded by MOCA. I am involved in Dr. Melissa Geller’s trial, that explores using immunotherapy maintenance therapy to prevent recurrence of ovarian cancer.

I am so thankful for this trial.  It provides so much hope to those of us currently struggling with this disease and those who will come after us.

Just the possibility of being able to delay or totally prevent recurrence is so important. I am so grateful to MOCA for funding this study and making it possible.

What does MOCA mean to you?

MOCA means hope, support and comfort to patients and families experiencing the impact of ovarian cancer.

What is your hope for the next 20 years of MOCA?  

My hope for the next 20 years for MOCA is to continue to fund research and studies so early detection tools are developed, treatments get easier and more successful, and maintenance therapies are available to all.

How do you plan on marking the 20thanniversary of MOCA in 2019?

I look forward to participating in HOM Teal Strides in September and raising money for ovarian cancer research with MOCA! I am excited to say that after 5 months of chemotherapy, 7 months of the immunotherapy maintenance clinical trial, I am currently cancer free. I am so excited to make a difference for other women.

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