About Gynecologic Oncologists

The importance of being treated by a gynecologic oncologist cannot be stressed enough. According to numerous medical studies, there are significant survival advantages for women who are managed, operated on and treated by a gynecologic oncologist. Why?

  • A gynecologic oncologist is a subspecialist who specializes in treating women with reproductive tract cancers.
  • Gynecologic oncologists are initially trained as obstetrician/gynecologists and then undergo three to possibly more than five years of specialized education in all of the effective forms of treatment for gynecologic cancers (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and experimental treatments) as well as the biology and pathology of gynecologic cancers.
  • Gynecologic oncologists are five times more likely to completely remove ovarian tumors during surgery.
  • Eighty percent of ovarian cancer patients receive inadequate surgical debulking–the removal of tumor tissue during surgery–and staging when done by non-gynecologic oncology surgeons.
  • Survival rate and outcomes for women with ovarian cancer vastly improve with gynecologic oncologists.
  • For those women with ovarian cancer who live in rural areas that may not have a gynecologic oncologist at a local hospital, her care can be supervised by a gynecologic oncologist at a major medical center who has relationships with medical oncologists in surrounding areas to provide the chemotherapy treatment.

How can I find a gynecologic oncologist in my area?

MOCA has compiled a list of Minnesota gynecologic oncologists. You can also search for gynecologic oncologists at: foundationforwomenscancer.org.

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