Latest Research

MOCA-funded research has helped to move the field of ovarian cancer forward. Our funded research has been presented at national conferences and findings have been published in scientific journals.

  • In May 2019, Hem-Onc Today published an interview with Dr. Amy Skubitz, a MOCA-funded researcher from the University of Minnesota. In research that MOCA helped fund, Dr. Skubitz found that her team was able to improve upon the use of the CA-125 alone by combining CA-125 values with 5 other proteins. This is a very exciting result that MOCA hopes will get us closer to an early detection test for ovarian cancer.
  • In 2016, MOCA awarded $99,067 to Drs. William Cliby, Chen Wang and Qing Zhang of Mayo Clinic for their project: ”Investigating the stromal contribution to the mesenchymal subtype of ovarian cancer for therapeutic potential.” The findings of the study were published in the November 11, 2018  edition of Gynecologic Oncology Journal. Read the article. The article was accompanied by an editorial by Drs. Karlan and Orsulic who also work in this area signifying its impact on the field. Read the editorial.