BLOG: A Beautiful Day for a Parade!

BLOG: A Beautiful Day for a Parade!


MOCA Float at the Grand Old Day Parade 2012!

6.6.12  MOCA Board Vice President Carol Luukkonen was the driving force behind the creation of the MOCA float and has walked with the float in many parades. Carol shares her experience of spreading awareness with the float in the Grand Old Day parade in this week’s Teal Together post.

This past weekend was Grand Old Day in St. Paul – and for the first time ever, our beautiful MOCA float had a place in the second largest parade in the state! In front of more than 180,000 parade attendees, the MOCA float was shining in all its glory as we paraded down the street with the 10 volunteers who stepped up to pull the float, carry our banner to announce MOCA’s name and website and hand out symptom cards to the women in the crowd.  Even incorporating the Tie it Teal campaign, our group wore our teal colors right down to our shoelaces!

We were thrilled at the appreciation that was shown by everyone. As we handed out nearly 3,000 symptom cards, the parade-goers thanked us for being there and complimented our float.

We touched so many people! Some shared that they attended MOCA’s Silent No More Walk/Run every year, some showed off the MOCA bracelet they wore, while others told us they were a survivor, or knew someone who had been diagnosed.  It was such an uplifting experience.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for the next parade event if you get a chance – or borrow the float for your own community parade!  Later this summer, the MOCA float will make an appearance at the Minnesota State Fair parade, and having also walked in that parade, I can say it is a great experience! And don’t worry – it’s not a very long parade, so you don’t have to walk too far.

We are getting the word out in so many ways.  I heard one parent explain to a child why the ribbon on the float was teal and not pink when asked the question.  That’s what it’s all about:  recognizing the symptoms of ovarian cancer and having the knowledge to do something about it. It was another great day for MOCA!

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