BLOG: A Behind the Scenes Look at Tie it Teal

BLOG: A Behind the Scenes Look at Tie it Teal

7.27.12 Sandy Tollefson is an ovarian cancer survivor and associate creative director at StoneArch, MOCA’s pro bono advertising and marketing firm. Sandy and her team have been a crucial component of the Tie it Teal campaign, from developing the logo to shooting and producing the Tie it Teal booster video. Sandy shares her thoughts on why she’s involved in Tie it Teal.

To say I’m lucky would be putting it mildly. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer.  It wasn’t “caught” on a regular visit to my doctor (because it rarely is) but rather a collection of symptoms drove me to seek answers. The answer was not good news but the stage of my cancer was.

Fast forward 12 years and I’m still lucky. Lucky to be here for sure and lucky to be able to say I work at an advertising agency committed to helping people live healthier lives. StoneArch has been working with MOCA, pro bono, for several years now, helping to raise the awareness of ovarian cancer and its insidious symptoms.  Our recent work with MOCA resulted in the Tie It Teal video that encourages everyone to wear teal shoelaces this September in a grassroots effort to spread the word.

Video production began with a call that went out at StoneArch for laced footwear of all types and sizes. Our hallway became a mass of footwear: tennis shoes, ice skates, golf shoes, snow boots, baseball shoes, red shoes, white shoes, black shoes and you-name-it shoes. Our staff had a great time dancing, skipping and skating for the camera. The result was a lighthearted video that drives home a serious message – ovarian cancer impacts women of all ages and, well, feet on the street can make a difference. View the video at the MOCA YouTube.

Have you got your teal on?