BLOG: A Cancer Diagnosis and the Workplace

BLOG: A Cancer Diagnosis and the Workplace

10.18.12 Lindy Yokanovich is the founder and executive director of Cancer Legal Line, a Minnesota non-profit that offers services to the local cancer community. In her guest Teal Together blog post, Lindy lets us know how ovarian cancer survivors can benefit from CALL’s programs and services.

A cancer diagnosis can bring about many questions – including legal concerns. Cancer Legal Line (CALL) is a Minnesota non-profit in its 6th year of service to the local cancer community. Along with a free phone consultation service, CALL provides direct legal services to eligible clients and coordinates referrals to volunteer attorneys in the areas of estate planning, employment law, insurance law, bankruptcy, housing issues and more. Additionally, CALL provides group presentations on these topics to cancer survivors and support groups. I was honored to speak to MOCA members at a MOCA Living Well meeting earlier this year.

One of the most common calls we respond to here at Cancer Legal Line is from newly diagnosed cancer patients who are concerned about their job. We field a variety of questions: It could be whether they will be able to take time off for their treatment, can they be fired because they have cancer, or they are wondering how they should talk to their employer about their needs because of their illness.   After treatment, the pressing questions include whether they can do the same work they did before their diagnosis or whether they need some accommodation for a period of time.

These are complicated questions with often complex answers.  That’s why CALL is here to help. On Tuesday, November 13th from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., those questions and more will be addressed by Cancer Legal Line volunteer attorney Charlie Firth, Esq. of the law firm of Engelmeier & Umanah.  Charlie will discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Minnesota Human Rights Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act and how they work to protect cancer survivors in the workplace.

We extend an invitation to ovarian cancer survivors and their caregivers to attend. This is an ideal format to ask your questions regarding employment during or after treatment.  There will also be an opportunity to ask Charlie questions after his remarks.

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