Blog: Because of MOCA, I feel powerful in teal

Blog: Because of MOCA, I feel powerful in teal


12.9.14 “Ovarian cancer wasn’t on my radar at all.”

For 37-year-old teacher Carrie, her 2013 diagnosis meant being thrust into a world of surgery and treatment – without ever suspecting she might be at risk for the disease or knowing anyone else who had it.

But that changed when a family member told her about the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Carrie registered for MOCA’s Walk/Run and started gathering family and friends to join “Team Carrie.” Taking part while she was undergoing treatment was a life-affirming experience. She was bolstered by the support and inspired by the survivors she met.

“After the Walk/Run, I knew I needed more. I wanted to know the other women and their stories. MOCA gave me hope and a connection.”
Because of MOCA, Carrie gained a community of women who understood her journey. She learned how to manage the disease through MOCA’s education programs. She found an outlet to spread awareness at MOCA events.

And because of MOCA, Carrie and other women have the potential to benefit from the $4.5 million in research funding that MOCA has provided to researchers. Researchers working on an early detection test, better approaches to prevent recurrences, and one day, a cure.
MOCA is here for women like Carrie. Will you join us in supporting them?

Because of YOU, we will continue to make strides for women today and in the future through our research funding. And because of you, we will continue to provide the support and resources that women like Carrie need.

“I have come so far and feel so powerful in teal. I value the community of women who I have met through MOCA. I no longer feel alone.”

This holiday season, join Carrie in supporting the research and programming MOCA makes possible. Please, give a tax-deductible gift now and give as generously as you can.

It’s because of you – and your gift today – that we will make progress towards changing the outcome of this disease for Carrie and the thousands of women like her.