BLOG: You can save women’s lives.

BLOG: You can save women’s lives.

Angel and Maddie are focused. They want an early detection test for ovarian cancer in honor of the toughest woman they know.

Her name was Darlene. Angel’s mother, Maddie’s grandmother – and a woman who is remembered as a warrior.

This July, Darlene was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. Despite surgery and chemotherapy, Darlene passed away this fall.

Angel and Maddie are now determined to help MOCA fund the research that will develop an early detection test. Like so many others impacted by ovarian cancer, Angel believes a test would have made a difference.

“Early detection is one of my main goals in life now. I want ovarian cancer screening to be as common as breast cancer screening. I will be a loud and outspoken voice for the cause.”

The two women found an outlet for their cause in MOCA. This September, they formed “Darlene’s Warrior Queens” at HOM Teal Strides for Ovarian Cancer. The mother-daughter duo raised thousands to fund desperately needed research.

They mourn the fact that a test will come too late for Darlene. But they are thinking of future generations in her honor. Women who will be able to detect ovarian cancer earlier, when it’s most treatable, with a test.

MOCA has provided more than $7 million to ovarian cancer research funding. It’s Angel, Maddie – and people like you – who make this happen.

Your support has made a difference already. Women have more treatment options because of the research advancements that MOCA – and you – make possible.

Because of you, researchers at Harvard Medical School, the University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic and the University of Washington are working on early detection test research that will make an impact. But we need your help to continue supporting this important work that will not otherwise get funded.

Will you give a gift to MOCA today – and support vital ovarian cancer research? Your year-end gift is tax-deductible and has a direct impact on the women and families MOCA serves.

Besides funding research, MOCA provides support and programming for women and families. Angel and Maddie know the impact of that, too.

“It feels like our family grew in size. When we’ve needed help or just a place to vent, it’s been a relief to know our MOCA family is here.”

Because of your support, MOCA is here for women and families. We’re among the top three non-profit funders of ovarian cancer research in the nation. But we must do more.

The five-year survival rate is still less than 50%. Each year, more than 22,000 women
are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 400 in Minnesota alone.

Like Angel and Maddie, we must stay focused. Your gift will help MOCA continue life-saving research that will discover an early detection test.