Blog: A night of dancing – all to support MOCA!

Blog: A night of dancing – all to support MOCA!


2.11.15 On Saturday, February 21, MOCA supporter Kitty Orient will take to the dance floor as part of Arthur Murray Charity Fund’s annual event – Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities. A well-known Twin Cities yoga and fitness instructor, Kitty has been selected as one of six dancers to dance in support of a non-profit organization. Kitty tells us why she’ll be dancing her heart out for MOCA!

The beginning of my story predates my arrival into my current relationship with my boyfriend, John. The story starts even before John lost his wife, Laura, to ovarian cancer 10 years ago.

This story starts back when they were married and loved watching ballroom dancing on TV.

They had always thought it would be really cool to learn to dance, but Laura’s life was cut short by ovarian cancer and they never got that chance. A few years after she passed away, John decided to take up dancing on his own.

Several months after we met and started dating, I joined him at dance lessons, and we have been dancing together ever since.

MOCA is important to us. Ever since the beginning of our relationship, we’ve been involved together in MOCA events and fundraising. Each year we get a team together for HOM Teal Strides for Ovarian Cancer, we attend MOCA’s Gala –  you can bet we’ll be on the dance floor at the upcoming Black, White & Teal Gala! –  and we take part in the Molly Cade Scramble for Ovarian Cancer. We’ve even gotten sweaty for MOCA’s Spin it Teal at The Firm.

So when the annual Arthur Murray Charity Ball came up in conversation at our dance studio, I was honored to be asked to compete and naturally chose MOCA as my charity.

I’ve been practicing SO HARD for the last two months for this event! I’ve really learned a lot, improved my dancing and had fun reaching out to the community for support. Not that I’m competitive (though my boyfriend might say otherwise!), but a win at this event means an additional cash prize for MOCA, so I’m in this to win it!

I’m currently in the lead for the event – and want to keep my momentum going strong for MOCA! If you’d like to join in and buy a ticket to support MOCA and be included in my cheering section, you can buy tickets and tables here. And if you’re not able to attend – you can always donate directly to keep MOCA in the lead through this link.