BLOG: Educating healthcare students about ovarian cancer

BLOG: Educating healthcare students about ovarian cancer

Augs STS PA May 2015



“…The personal stories made it stand out even more” 

“…This will help me keep a more open mind when patients really feel there is something wrong”

“…It made me more sensitive to the symptoms.”

These quotes come from medical students at the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, who listened to MOCA ovarian cancer survivors share their stories at a May Survivors Teaching Students™ session.

With 4 training sessions in the past four weeks, MOCA’s medical education program has been busy raising awareness of the symptoms of the disease. In total, we educated 175 students about ovarian cancer during these four sessions alone. Medical education has always been a core mission of MOCA’s – we do this in the hope that more women are diagnosed early and accurately.

Each year, MOCA educates more than 1,000 students and healthcare professionals at training sessions, conferences and speaking opportunities.

At these training sessions, MOCA provides survivors who are trained in telling their stories to students and providers. This helps to share a “real world” example of an ovarian cancer diagnosis and brings a personal face to the issue.

Laura Mauro is a survivor who volunteers to share her story through STS. She says the program is a vital part of her life. “Volunteering for the STS program has been so important to my recovery from cancer, to my desire to educate and my need to ‘pay it forward’,” said Mauro.

“I relay my experiences to raise ovarian cancer awareness, to honor my amazing health care team and to illustrate the power of humor, hope and compassion. Sharing my story alongside truly inspiring survivors is incredibly empowering and healing; helping me remember how brave, resilient and talented ALL of us are having traveled through and beyond our cancer. I hope my participation will ultimately benefit my daughter and future generations – that they will never have to tell a story about surviving ovarian cancer.”

If you are a survivor interested in sharing your story as an STS volunteer, contact MOCA’s Medical Education Program Manager, Kathy McGovern at or call the MOCA office at (612) 822-0500.