BLOG: Meet HOM Teal Strides Ambassador, Kari!

BLOG: Meet HOM Teal Strides Ambassador, Kari!

Kari is a 2018 HOM Teal Strides Ambassador Kari Samuelson and four other HOM Teal Strides for Ovarian Cancer participants are serving as HOM Teal Strides Ambassadors this year, sharing their stories and tips with others. Read on to hear what Kari has to say about our event. 

Why do you take part in HOM Teal Strides for Ovarian Cancer? Who is your inspiration?

I participate in HOM Teal Strides because my sister, Kristin Warn, was one of the co-founders of MOCA. She is my inspiration! I want to do whatever I can to help find a cure.

How many years have you been involved in the event? ‘

When the walk/run first began it was called “Silent No More.” When the walk/run first started, I know I probably did maybe 4 or 5 years of this event. And then last year, 2017, was my first even for MOCA in quite a long while.

How big was your team? How do you motivate others to take part with you? 

Way back, our team was big. We have several friends and family with us. Last year, my first year back, I was with a whole new group of moms, daughters, sisters, and aunts from my husband’s family! We weren’t an official team, but they came to support me and that felt amazing!

What would you say to someone who is considering taking part in the event for the first time?

Just try it! I signed up pretty late last year and was able to raise about $1,700 just via social media and electronic donations. This process is so easy, I really think anyone who signs up won’t regret it!

What’s the best part of the day? 

The best part of the day is being with other people who share the same passion for ending ovarian cancer. It’s so inspiring to see survivors and their people who love them participating in such a fun event for such a worthwhile cause.

Can you give us one tip for fundraising? 

My fundraising tip is to tell your personal story, your personal connection to MOCA. People are generous and want to give!

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