Blog: MOCA to provide record $650k to research

Blog: MOCA to provide record $650k to research



1.22.15 2015 will be a milestone year for MOCA, as we prepare to award a record $650,000 to ovarian cancer research projects. These funding opportunities will allow selected researchers to initiate new studies or continue current research on ovarian cancer.

With this funding milestone, MOCA will have awarded more than $5 million to ovarian cancer research projects, making MOCA among the top five private, non-profit funders of ovarian cancer research in the nation.

Following on the heels of this research funding announcement, MOCA has issued a request for proposals for the organization’s 2015 ovarian cancer research awards. MOCA will be awarding $625,000 this May to Minnesota researchers.

The additional $25,000 rounding out the total $650,000 amount will be directed towards the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) ovarian cancer dream team funding, which MOCA has made a $100,000 commitment to be paid out over 4 years.

Eligible projects must be conducted in Minnesota by Minnesota based researchers.  Applicants may be pursuing individual research or be part of a team research project pertaining to ovarian, primary peritoneal or fallopian tube cancer. Grant proposals may not exceed $100,000.

“To put the milestone award into context: what will be awarded this year is two times the amount that MOCA was able to offer to researchers in 2011. The fact that we’re able to continue to increase our funding is thanks to our generous supporters who know that research is vital to making an impact against this disease,” said MOCA Executive Director Kathleen Gavin, “As the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers, MOCA’s research funding makes a difference by stimulating innovation, supporting excellent researchers and institutions and attracting researchers to focus on ovarian cancer.”

Evaluations of proposed projects are made by national experts in ovarian cancer research and at-large MOCA members. Recommendations are then voted on by the MOCA Board of Directors.

A complete description of the application requirements can be found here.