BLOG: Spinning it Teal for a Sister

BLOG: Spinning it Teal for a Sister

Spin it Teal KG

10.29.15 In the lead-up to Spin it Teal, we asked MOCA supporter and Spin it Teal committee member Kim Gehant to tell us who she Spins it Teal for.

My sister and I have always been close. We shared a bedroom as kids, shared clothes and share the same sense of humor.

We love to laugh, have a million inside jokes and have fun wherever and whenever. At times not a word needs to be spoken – just a perfect situation and eye contact and we are in hysterics.

So when Kristen was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 17, it was devastating. Our family’s world was rocked. We had no idea what it meant, no idea if she would live or not and wondered how a teenage girl could develop ovarian cancer.

Still, I remember her telling me to stop making her laugh in the hospital hours after her surgery because it made her incision hurt. When we shared an apartment in Minneapolis, we had a saying on our chalkboard: Fun, it’s who you bring with you.

By God’s grace, Kristen’s cancer was treated and her body recovered. During this incredibly painful time, we still found a way to have fun and integrate our sense of humor despite our fears. When we were living in that apartment in Minneapolis, we saw a brochure for the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance. We went to our first MOCA walk 14 years ago and now look forward to HOM Teal Strides for Ovarian Cancer each year. In addition to that, we’ve started a tradition of another athletic event to support MOCA: taking part in Spin it Teal. 

When I think of “Fun, it’s who you bring with you,” Spin it Teal is the perfect pairing. The cycling room is an electric gathering of personalities with spark, people having a great time, working hard, singing, sweating, clapping and laughing.

On a regular Saturday morning cycling class, “fun” is not my first descriptor, but when we are Spinning it Teal, fun only begins to describe the collective spirited atmosphere.

I’m grateful for The Firm, Xperience Fitness and  for their support, the MOCA team for building this event, generous givers who match our donations and most of all, my sister who is on the bike next to me.

The best part – all registration and donation amounts go directly to MOCA and will be DOUBLED thanks to a $25,000 match. And new this year – you can choose from a yoga class and a high-intensity class, as well! Register now and Spin it Teal!