BLOG: Getting ready for the Gala!

BLOG: Getting ready for the Gala!

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6.30.14 Hello MOCA Supporters!  My teal dress arrived today and it has me so excited for Sunday, July 20th. I am honored to return this year as your emcee for the Mid Summer Night’s Gala. The energy in the ballroom last year was unprecedented and I’m looking forward to another amazing year!

2014 marks a major milestone for both myself and MOCA. As MOCA celebrates 15 years, I am also celebrating 25 years since my diagnosis. In that time, it is amazing to think of the progress that has been made, not only in how we live our daily lives, but in cancer research. Yet, we all know there is so much more to do.  That’s why supporting MOCA at the Mid Summer’s Night Gala is vitally important.

My story started 25 years ago. I was just a teenager when a tumor was discovered on my right ovary. I had no symptoms, no pain and no family history. I was in the middle of a competitive figure skating season and prom planning – I simply didn’t have time for cancer!  It was that attitude and approach that propelled me through extensive chemotherapy and two major surgeries.  I was cancer-free less than a year later. I have since gone on to have two healthy babies – in fact, my daughter Grace born just weeks before last year’s Gala.

I know my story is unique. But I share it because my goal is that it inspires hope. I was particularly touched at last year’s Gala when a women and her fiancée came up to me and thanked me for the evening. She, too, was diagnosed in her teenage years and has gone on to live a relatively healthy life. But her hope and desire for children were now in the forefront of her mind.

Now that she had found her husband, she prayed her next dream would soon become a reality: motherhood.  She introduced herself to me and said because of my story she had added hope and couldn’t wait to be married and plan for a family.  I was as moved by her story as she was by mine.  I think of this women often and hope to see her again this year! The connection among survivors, friends and family members at the Gala is inspiring.

Hope and inspiration.  That’s the focus of the Mid Summer’s Nights Gala. We are in this together and on July 20th, we might as well have a little fun while we’re at it. Register now before the Gala sells out – I look forward to seeing you all!

Now, off to find just the perfect pair shoes and perhaps a little jewelry, as well, to go with that teal dress that arrived today.

See you at the Gala! – Ann Carroll