BLOG: Have fun, raise awareness, Spin it Teal

BLOG: Have fun, raise awareness, Spin it Teal



10.8.13 Pam MacDonald is a 10-year, Stage III ovarian cancer survivor. This fall, she’s taken her desire to support MOCA to a new level, by helping MOCA launch our all-new Spin it Teal event! Pam tells us why she’s driven to make a difference.

We all have turning points in our life. And for those who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer – or love someone who has – we know what a major change a cancer diagnosis can bring.

Diagnosed in 2003, I am hitting my 10-year survival mark this year. I have so much gratitude for reaching this milestone that I wanted to give back. That’s why I’m supporting MOCA’s new Spin it Teal event. This event will help fund MOCA’s research, support and programming – efforts that are so crucial in making a difference against ovarian cancer.

Exercise is a huge part of my life – providing so many benefits both physically and emotionally. Indoor cycling – or spinning, as it’s more commonly called – is one of my favorite forms of exercise. I’m thrilled that MOCA will be planning a Spin it Teal day on Saturday, Nov. 2 at spinning studios throughout the Twin Cities metro. You can choose from locations in Minneapolis, Woodbury and Eden Prairie; or you can take part by being a virtual spinner at your home or local gym!

For $30, each participant can take a special Spin it Teal spin class, along with enjoying refreshments, giveaway items and more. Each class will be designed for participants of all abilities – even those who have never taken a spin class before! – but you can count on the fact that it’ll be fun, high-energy and inspirational! And the best part – all proceeds go to MOCA. The studios are all donating their space and instructors for this special class, so your regular class fee can go to support MOCA.  Spinners can start a fundraising page through MOCA to raise even more money.

You can find a full list of class locations and register here. My dream is that this event inspires others to get involved with MOCA and make a difference. I’ll be at the Minneapolis location that day with my husband, Bob, spinning for a very worthy cause!!

As a survivor, I feel committed to doing this work and making an impact against ovarian cancer. We can all make a difference in some way. I hope you join me on Saturday, Nov. 2. I hope you invite your friends and family to have fun, get some exercise and Spin it Teal for MOCA!