BLOG: What’s at the heart of this new website? You are.

BLOG: What’s at the heart of this new website? You are.

1.6.15 As we debuted our new website in late 2014, we asked Software for Good to give us their thoughts on why they do more for MOCA. 

As a digital solutions firm dedicated to helping organizations change the world, we work with a lot of really great clients. But the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance holds a special place in our hearts and on our client list.

Simply put: members of our team have been affected by ovarian cancer. And we know first-hand how essential MOCA’s resources are — not only to patients, but also to those of us looking for ways to support the people we love.

It’s been a privilege to partner with MOCA for the last four years, and particularly on this new website. The team of people behind the scenes of this organization is amazing. And they care so much about you, the site visitors. Your needs were always at the forefront of our efforts, which is why this new site is:

Accessible. On your mobile phone in the waiting room of the doctor’s office? At home on the couch with your laptop? A mobile-first design means the MOCA website is easy to use no matter your device or location.

Intuitive. The latest MOCA events and blog posts are featured on the homepage, so you can quickly access the most recent content on each visit. Need more in-depth info about research or resources? A simple click and you’re there.

Hopeful. Notice the beautiful photos featured throughout the site? These women, all ovarian cancer survivors, are prominently displayed to connect you with real people and real stories of hope in the face of cancer.

Survival rates for ovarian cancer continue to improve — in large part due to the help and hope offered by organizations like MOCA. We’re proud to support their efforts and, in turn, each of you. This is software for good at its finest.

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