BLOG: Honoring a mother through volunteer work

BLOG: Honoring a mother through volunteer work


Nancy and mom


Volunteers are involved in all aspects of MOCA’s work, from helping at our major events to providing vital office assistance. Each is important in helping MOCA meet our mission. That’s why each month we will be featuring a MOCA VIP Volunteer to say thank you for all that our volunteers do.

For the second installment of our monthly MOCA VIP Volunteer series, we’re recognizing an invaluable member of the MOCA team. If you’ve ever been to the office or a MOCA event, chances are you probably met this friendly, hard-working and multi-talented volunteer: Nancy Libbey.

Nancy (pictured above, left) helps with a whole host of MOCA activities. She is involved with everything from day-to-day work in the office to major MOCA events. She is a dedicated office volunteer, giving several hours of her time each week to help with crucial office tasks and accounting. She helps MOCA at our many public meetings by making sure the MOCA Annual Meeting and the MOCA Living Well meetings go smoothly by helping to set up the meeting space, running errands and doing anything else that needs to be done. Her expert eye for detail is a huge help at these events.

On top of her office and meeting work, Nancy has also been a Silent No More Walk/Run co-chair for the past two years. Prior to becoming co-chair, Nancy and her family and friends volunteered in the sales tent and on the site set up and clean-up crews.

Nancy was first drawn to MOCA 11 years ago when her mother, who lives in Richland, Washington, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Today, Nancy is still helping us in the fight against ovarian cancer here in Minnesota.  “My mother’s experience motivated me to come to MOCA in the first place, but the many strong, dedicated women I’ve met during my time here have inspired me to keep working,” said Nancy. “Giving back to this organization is very meaningful for me.”

Help us thank Nancy for all that she does for MOCA. Interested in giving your time to MOCA and helping us accomplish our mission? There are so many ways to do that, including volunteering your time at our major annual events: the Mid Summer Night’s Gala, the Molly Cade Scramble for Ovarian Cancer and the HOM Silent No More Walk/Run. MOCA is currently looking for volunteers for all these events!