Laura’s Story: How your gift to MOCA does so much for women.

Laura’s Story: How your gift to MOCA does so much for women.

Laura was diagnosed at age 53. 

Like so many other women, Laura was thrust into a world of oncology visits, chemotherapy appointments and side effects – all while parenting a teenager.

During this time, she found out about MOCA. And she learned about the support and education that MOCA provides. Resources that you make possible when you give to MOCA.

After hearing about MOCA’s Survivor Teaching Students® program, Laura knew she had to get involved.

“The questions from the students are profound and deep – sometimes they can be very raw – but you know it will change the course for future girls and women.”

Women and girls, like Laura’s daughter, Serena. Because Laura carries the BRCA2 gene, there is a chance her daughter may carry it – giving her an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

For Laura, the personal has become professional. In her work at the University of Minnesota, she is part of a team of researchers investigating how steroid hormones interact with the BRCA mutation to drive ovarian cancer growth.

It’s one of the 60-plus research projects MOCA has funded.  These are critical projects that wouldn’t otherwise be funded.

Women and families count on MOCA’s programming, education and research.

The fact is: the five-year survival rate is still less than 50%. Each year, more than 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 400 in Minnesota alone. We must do more.

Will you commit to making a difference with MOCA through a gift?  

We’re working to help women like Laura. And change the course for the future, for daughters like Serena. But we need your help to do this work.