BLOG: MOCA VIP Volunteer: Making the MOCA office shine

BLOG: MOCA VIP Volunteer: Making the MOCA office shine



Each year, hundreds of people devote their time and energy to volunteering for MOCA. Whether they help in our office, spread awareness at a health fair or use their expertise to review grant proposals, each plays a vital role in helping MOCA meet our mission.

That’s why each month, we’re sharing the story of a MOCA VIP Volunteer. We are grateful for all they do to support MOCA.

As we kick-off our monthly MOCA Volunteer VIP series, we want to highlight a volunteer who does so much for MOCA: Ray Lehman.

Ray offers a unique and necessary role to our organization. The MOCA building houses staff, support groups and serves as the hub of an organization that has provided more than $4 million to ovarian cancer research. As a skilled handyman and electrician, for the past two years, Ray has volunteered his time to MOCA on a nearly-weekly basis to keep our office at 4604 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis in tip-top shape.

Ray truly does it all: from painting to planting; to installing fixtures that organize our office and cleaning the carpets. Ray not only provides a truly essential volunteer role for our organization, he does it all with a smile and a friendly chat each time he’s in our office.

Ray has a personal reason to do this work – it’s his way to honor the sister he lost to ovarian cancer.

Ray’s volunteer talents mean so much to MOCA. His work makes MOCA more effective by providing the best work environment possible. It means MOCA board and support group members can meet in a comfortable place. And his work saves MOCA money that can be put towards the heart of our mission: research, support and programming.

One example illustrates this. In 2012, Ray was instrumental in upgrading all our light fixtures to help MOCA “go green.” This meant putting in numerous hours throughout the planning and implementation phases to get this intense job done to qualify for available rebate plans.  Ray did it all – installing new LED bulbs and light fixtures throughout the office, managing outside help and helping to pave the way for greater energy and money savings. The money saved means MOCA can do even more to help women with ovarian cancer.

MOCA would like to thank Ray for all that he does! If you are interested in volunteering with MOCA, take a look at our volunteer opportunities.