BLOG: This New Year, understand your risk of ovarian cancer

BLOG: This New Year, understand your risk of ovarian cancer


The MAGENTA trial is organized through the Stand Up 2 Cancer Ovarian Cancer Dream Team. MOCA is proud to help fund the Ovarian Cancer Dream Team and provide staff support to the team.

Genetic testing can help identify individuals who are at increased risk to develop ovarian cancer. People who have a genetic mutation identified by genetic testing can take steps to prevent cancer. All women with ovarian cancer should receive genetic counseling and testing.

The MAGENTA study aims to improve the availability of genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes to at-risk individuals through the use of an online genetic testing service. The hope is that making genetic testing more accessible, by reducing transportation, access and cost barriers, will save more lives by preventing cancer in women found to be at an increased risk of getting it.

Participants who qualify for this free study will fill out personal and family health history information online, provide a saliva sample from their home via mail for genetic testing) for 19 genes associated with inherited cancer risk, and complete a series of online questionnaires regarding their experience. Some individuals in this study will undergo genetic counseling over the phone; others not.

Eligible participants must be: English-speaking women over the age of 30; live in the U.S.; have a personal or family history of breast cancer or family history of ovarian cancer; be willing to share their genetic test results with a local healthcare provider.

For more information, please visit: or contact (713) 745-7877 or email