BLOG: Planting the seed for ovarian cancer research

BLOG: Planting the seed for ovarian cancer research

It’s always exciting for all of us connected with MOCA when we hear about research we have been involved in hitting the news. If you were flipping through channels or paging through the paper earlier this month, you couldn’t miss the chatter about ovarian cancer research.

As was reported by CBS News and many other media outlets, research out of Minnesota’s own Mayo Clinic reported that the drug Metformin, typically used to treat diabetes, could positively impact a woman’s survival of ovarian cancer. In fact, the study showed that diabetic women with ovarian cancer who took Metformin had a 20% improved survival rate than women who did not take the drug.

While this is encouraging news, as with all new investigations, there needs to be additional study and clinical trials before researchers are able to say what Metformin‘s true impact is on ovarian cancer.

But what made me – and many other MOCA supporters involved in our research grant program – take notice was the fact that MOCA provided $80,000 to fund a similar study in 2010 undertaken by the same lab and researchers at Mayo to investigate the role of Metformin in ovarian cancer. Clearly, the role that Metformin might play in ovarian cancer has been capturing the attention of researchers in recent years.

Since our inception, ovarian cancer research has always been central to our mission. In fact, MOCA is one of the largest, non-profit, private funders of ovarian cancer research in the country. We’ve funded nearly 50 research projects, and this year alone, we provided more than $540,000 to ovarian cancer research based here in Minnesota – the most funding we’ve ever provided in a year. It is our hope that these projects will make a real and lasting difference for the women we serve – and future generations of women.

With your support, we’re working for advancements in early detection, better treatment, and hopefully one day, a cure. We like it when these advancements make headlines and ovarian cancer gets more of the attention it deserves, but even more importantly, we want our research projects to make a real difference to the women and families we serve.

I invite you to find out more about MOCA’s research projects. And please consider supporting our work with a year-end gift.

Kathleen Gavin

MOCA Executive Director