BLOG: Spin it Teal for MOCA

BLOG: Spin it Teal for MOCA

10.8.14 In less than a month, nearly 200 people will be hopping on spin bikes for MOCA’s 2nd Annual Spin it Teal event. Wondering what Spin it Teal is all about? Ovarian cancer survivor and MOCA Board Member Marcia Trevarthen tells us how Spin it Teal motivated her last year!

Last November I participated in MOCA’s first Spin it Teal event.  I went with my daughter and we had a blast!  I have been to a couple of spinning classes before so I knew what to expect.  That is until, I went to the Spin it Teal class!  My previous spinning classes were very small and had only 8 – 10 bikes.  The room at The Firm had over 75 bikes!  You could just feel the buzz and excitement in the air as everyone was getting settled in.  All the participants were fired up to Spin it Teal in support of MOCA and raise money for ovarian cancer awareness, support, education and research.

The best part about the class though was the instructor.  Never have I seen an instructor enjoy teaching a class as much as he did.  The music was playing, we were spinning and he was almost dancing on his bike!  It was so much fun to watch!  You can participate in the event regardless of your fitness level because you have total control of your own bike and can regulate the amount of resistance and how fast you want to spin.

MOCA has many wonderful events to get involved in and help spread the word about ovarian cancer and raise money for the cause.  I hope to participate again this year and maybe I too will be dancing on my bike!

Spin it Teal with us! And the best part – because of a generous donor – your $30 fee and any donations will be matched! Pick from two classes at The Firm in Minneapolis: 10:00 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. Register NOW to join us for one or both classes – includes shirts, door prizes, snacks and more!