BLOG: The spirit of the event

BLOG: The spirit of the event

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11.12.13 MOCA fundraising events make our ovarian cancer research grants and programming possible – and our volunteers are key to ensuring the events are successful. This month’s MOCA VIP Volunteer is Mary Hadler, who will be giving her time at this weekend’s Unleash the SHE 5K/10K for MOCA . She tells us why volunteering at MOCA events are so inspiring to her. Click here if you’d like to volunteer at the race this weekend!

How long have you been volunteering for MOCA? What do you primarily do when volunteering?

I’ve been volunteering with MOCA for the past two years, doing a variety of things at MOCA events.  I have worked in registration, as a team leader and have helped give out race refreshments. It’s fun to be involved and feels good to give back to an organization that I care about.

What is your connection to ovarian cancer/MOCA?

My sister has ovarian cancer. After her diagnosis, our family started getting involved in MOCA events and activities to learn more about the disease and do what we can to make a difference against ovarian cancer.

What’s the best part about volunteering?

Being part of the spirit of the event.  The people are definitely inspiring! It’s just a bit of my time, but I know that what I do is important in helping MOCA achieve their mission of research, support and education.

What would you tell to someone else considering volunteering their time to MOCA?

I would tell them it is worth every minute and an uplifting activity. Get involved and bring your family and friends! MOCA does such important work, and when you volunteer at their events, you’re helping make that work possible. It’s fun and uplifting.

You’re volunteering at Unleash the SHE next weekend. What will you be doing?

I will be there with my team.  I coach basketball at St. Anthony Village and last year I brought my team to volunteer and we worked on race refreshments.  This year some of the girls wanted to run to support MOCA even more – my sister is making their tutus! So this year, I’ll be a cheerleader and whatever else is asked of me at the event!

Interested in volunteering at the Unleash the SHE race this Saturday? We still have some spots open – register here . Online registration for the Unleash the SHE race ends Tuesday evening, however, registration will still be open at the Expo on Friday, Nov. 15 and on the race morning on Saturday, Nov. 16.