Tie it Teal with MOCA!

Tie it Teal with MOCA!

4.12.12 If you read this blog, you probably have some connection to ovarian cancer. Maybe you’re a survivor, a caregiver, a friend or health care professional. And if that’s the case, you likely know there is no test for ovarian cancer. That’s why raising awareness of symptoms is so incredibly important in fighting this disease.

This fall MOCA is taking awareness to the next level through the launch of our Tie it Teal campaign. Consider this your invitation to Tie it Teal with MOCA! The campaign is timed to launch with September, which is national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

MOCA will be distributing teal shoelaces to our survivors, supporters, and local youth and professional sports teams, to get them talking about teal and learning about ovarian cancer. This campaign isn’t limited to shoelaces – we’re also asking our supporters to raise awareness by displaying ribbons at your homes, asking businesses to display Tie it Teal posters, handing out symptom cards to friends and family and so much more.

Our goal is to get people talking about ovarian cancer – get them wondering what’s behind the teal – so the public can start learning and sharing the symptoms. As we know all too well here at MOCA, too many women are diagnosed at a late stage. In fact, fewer than 20 percent of women are diagnosed early, when survival rates are much higher. We hope that Tie it Teal will help ensure that all Minnesotans know the symptoms.

Want to get involved? We’re making it easy for our supporters to take part in the campaign through the launch of a Tie it Teal Booster toolkit later this month, in addition to two late April webinars that will detail the campaign and how you can participate. Details on the webinar can be found on the Tie it Teal page.

Please, join with us this fall to Tie it Teal. Let’s work together to continue MOCA’s grassroots mission to create awareness of ovarian cancer. Let’s work together to Tie it Teal!
Together in Teal,

Kathleen Gavin

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance Executive Director