Welcome to Teal Together!

Welcome to Teal Together!

3.14.12 Welcome! It is with great excitement that we hit “publish” on our inaugural post of Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance’s Teal Together blog. We hope that you’ll bookmark Teal Together, sign up for RSS and email updates and come back often to learn about the latest news and resources about ovarian cancer from MOCA survivors, staff, Medical Advisory Board members, health care professionals and many others!

When we were brainstorming a name for our blog, we knew we wanted something that would convey the sense of community that we hope more and more women and their loved ones are finding after an ovarian cancer diagnosis. A desire for support and connection was at the heart of why MOCA co-founder Molly Cade decided to gather with other ovarian cancer survivors in 1999.

What started as small group of women has now grown to a force of more than 800 survivors and 45,000 supporters. Since our inception, MOCA has worked to provide insight and connection with others through support groups, public education meetings, events and more. The name Teal Together seemed to best sum up the sense of community, discussion and camaraderie that we’d like to foster through this blog.

We know that many MOCA supporters lead busy lives or live outside the Twin Cities and can’t always connect with MOCA in person. Now, with the launch of Teal Together, we’re able to continue our mission by reaching out in a personal way, even to those who may not be able to come to our meetings, supports groups and events. Stay tuned to this blog for recaps, photos and even videos of MOCA meetings and events!

Teal Together will highlight the work and events of the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, in addition to providing frequent updates on issues and research around ovarian cancer. We’ll welcome guest bloggers to share different perspectives on the issues. Teal Together blog posts will showcase our accomplishments, while also letting supporters know where there is more work to be done to continue to make advances in the early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Let’s get the conversation started! We invite you to read our posts, provide comments and join in on the conversation here at Teal Together.

Together in Teal,

Kathleen Gavin, MOCA Executive Director