BLOG: When I think of MOCA, I think of Mother’s Day

BLOG: When I think of MOCA, I think of Mother’s Day

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This Sunday, all attention will be on Mother’s Day, as many of us honor or remember a special woman in our life. MOCA supporter Stephanie Ross, pictured with her mom Shelly (above), remembers her mom and tells us what Mother’s Day means to her.

In 2000, Mother’s Day landed on Sunday, May 14th.  That Mother’s Day my 59-year-old mom succumbed to ovarian cancer.  As painful as the loss, it was, in an odd way, the perfect day for my mom to die.  Though my mother accomplished much in her life, she was above all a really great mom.

Food always tasted better when my mom cooked it.  Advice always made more sense.  Even at age 35, when she metaphorically kissed my metaphoric boo-boos, the pain subsided.  And for five brief years, she was an awesome grandmother hosting tea parties, making princess costumes and leading nature walks.

Had my mother’s journey been different, had she say not gotten cancer, or had her cancer been detected earlier, she would have been 73 this coming Mother’s Day. She would have been an awesome grandmother to all six of her grandchildren, including the four she never met.  Dinner would likely still taste better at her house.  Her advice and metaphoric kisses would still be welcome even as I approach 50.  I can’t count the number of times since she died that I wished I could have gotten both.

Just before my mother died, she requested we do something in her absence to support a newly formed group of women with ovarian cancer. My sisters and I created the Shelly Ross Memorial Fund at MOCA to provide funds to help fund ovarian cancer research in Minnesota, educate the community about ovarian cancer and promote the importance of early detection.  We are incredibly grateful that friends and family continue to support the Fund 14 years later.  We are also grateful for MOCA’s fine work that impacts so many lives touched by ovarian cancer.

When you think about Mother’s Day, think about MOCA.  They are helping make more Mother’s Days possible for moms and their kids.