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Hannah, her husband Korey and their three boys.

In 2019, MOCA marked 20 years of progress making strides against ovarian cancer.

Your gift today, will help change the future for all women.

Together, will have a positive impact on ovarian cancer survivors and their families. Families like Hannah’s…

When Hannah’s grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the family turned to MOCA for help and support. They organized a Teal Strides team in 2005 and took part in the walk, despite losing their grandmother just days prior.

Ten years later, Hannah—a 26 year-old wife and mother of two young children—started having what she initially thought were “pregnancy symptoms.”

When those symptoms persisted and grew more painful, Hannah knew she needed to see her doctor. Hannah said, “To this day, I strongly believe it was my grandmother watching over me.”

Hannah also credits MOCA’s awareness campaigns with teaching her to “listen to her body.” She was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer in 2016 and received treatment.

Hannah is grateful her symptoms were taken seriously, and that she was treated quickly and appropriately. She’s now a mother of three and told us, “I want to give back.”

Your holiday gift to MOCA will mean hope and health for more women like Hannah.

Please make your year-end gift today and change the future of ovarian cancer.

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