Clinical Trials

What are Clinical Trials?
Clinical trials are biomedical research studies performed in people that follow a predefined set of procedures to test the safety and effectiveness of new diagnostic tests, treatments and methods to prevent diseases. In cancer research, a clinical trial assesses new ways to diagnose, treat, screen and prevent cancer. Many medical advances we have today, including all the drugs that are currently used to treat ovarian cancer patients, came about as a result of clinical trials.

Why participate in a Clinical Trial?
Clinical trials are fundamental to the discovery of new and better therapies in the fight against ovarian cancer. Through participation in a clinical trial, patients have the chance to receive the latest and most innovative investigational medicines that experts think might improve their cancer. Clinical trials are important options for all patients at all stages of their disease and treatment.

Where do I find Clinical Trial options?
A woman can begin exploring the options of clinical trials at any point during her experience with ovarian cancer. MOCA encourages women to talk with their doctors about what clinical trials may be right for them. To explore clinical trials, you can visit, a website of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, that captures all clinical trials throughout the country and searchable by state and disease.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance maintains a Clinical Trials Matching Service which you can access by calling (800) 535-1682.