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We’re inspired by you…

We’re sharing inspirational stories of MOCA supporters throughout the holiday season to provide encouragement and hope.


Ellen Kleinbaum is celebrating 30 years as an ovarian cancer survivor. Ellen carries the BRCA2 genetic mutation linked to an increased risk for ovarian and other cancers. She’s committed to supporting MOCA’s research for her family and future generations.

What have you learned in the past 30 years of survivorship that may help inspire others?

“I am a big believer in positive thinking. I also believe in living one day at a time, slow and steady! I don’t remember focusing on the bad statistics at the time I was diagnosed. I remember telling my friends and family that I just wasn’t going to die. I had too much to live for.”

How has MOCA made a difference in your life?

“There was no MOCA when I was diagnosed. How nice it would have been to have the support that women have today, thanks to MOCA. [After MOCA was founded] I was past most of my treatments… but I no longer felt alone in my journey! It was very rewarding to later become active in MOCA, serving on the Board of Directors for several years.”

Why would you encourage others to support MOCA?

“I support MOCA because they support survivors. I also believe in the importance of research. I know how important MOCA’s funding is for better treatments and finding a cure.”

We are inspired by Ellen’s 30-year journey as an ovarian cancer survivor and her efforts to help MOCA change the future of this disease.

You can support survivors and make more progress against ovarian cancer with a year-end gift to MOCA. Click here to make your donation today.

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