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We’re inspired by you…

Throughout the month of December, we’re featuring MOCA supporters who bring hope and inspiration to our community all year.


John Wetzel is a loyal supporter and avid volunteer, serving MOCA for the past two decades. John and his wife, Joy, found MOCA soon after her diagnosis. Although Joy passed away in 2014, John remains dedicated to MOCA’s mission.

How has MOCA made a difference in your life?

“Joy’s diagnosis of stage IV ovarian cancer in January 2001 made an indelible imprint on both of our lives… MOCA was always there as a source of information and encouragement for both of us—and continues to be for me. I have met wonderful people through MOCA—a dedicated staff, wonderful volunteers and women and their families who have benefited from the programs.”

What have you enjoyed most about being involved with MOCA?

“My enjoyment from MOCA comes from the people I have met—women dealing with the disease, family members, volunteers, medical providers, financial supporters and MOCA staff.”

Why would you encourage others to support MOCA?

“Ovarian cancer will not just magically disappear… The $9.6 million that MOCA has awarded to medical researchers came from individuals who have given whatever they could. MOCA and ovarian cancer survivors—depend on all of us.”

We are grateful for MOCA supporters like John, who are helping us make a lasting impact to change the future of ovarian cancer.

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