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Ovarian cancer is relentless. It doesn’t stop for a global pandemic. MOCA’s important work must continue.

That’s why we’re asking for your support during #GiveAtHomeMN, May 1-8.

Please be as generous as you can, recognizing every dollar makes a difference right now for women and families impacted by ovarian cancer.

MOCA’s “Here for You at Home” campaign during #GiveAtHomeMN brings our meaningful support programs into the homes of ovarian cancer survivors, loved ones and caregivers who need us now more than ever.

  • $25 donation provides 1 high quality, handsewn mask for a survivor and 1 for a household member
  • $50 donation provides 1 MOCA Cares Kit to a recently diagnosed woman or one experiencing a recurrence
  • $100 donation provides 2 MOCA Cares Kits to recently diagnosed women or those experiencing a recurrence
  • $250 donation provides 1 Virtual Support Group for survivors and families, facilitated by MOCA’s Community Support Program Manager
  • $500 donation provides 1 Virtual Living Well meeting to educate survivors, families and caregivers
  • Priceless – Keeping the focus on the needs of ovarian cancer survivors during this pandemic.

Any amount donated to MOCA during #GiveAtHomeMN makes us eligible to win GiveMN’s golden tickets worth up to $2,500.

DONATE here today and consider starting your own Facebook Fundraiser for MOCA!