Community Ed Archives – 2004 and Earlier

What We Should Know About Clinical Trials

October 2004 – Dr. Peter Argenta, gynecologic oncologist, Marva Bohen, Director of Outreach & Education, and Elaine Bell, Coordinator of Clinical Trials at the University of Minnesota

Living with the Fear of Recurrence

November 2003 – Brenda Hartmann, ovarian cancer survivor and therapist

The Importance of Knowing Family History

February 2003 – Mary Ahrens, genetic counselor at the University of Minnesota/Fairview

Honoring Your Relationship

November 2002 – Brenda Hartman

Living beyond the Cancer Experience

November 2002 – Jon Mac Rae

A Spiritual Approach to Life and Cancer

August 2002 – Chaplain Mary Johnson, Mayo Clinic

Complimentary Alternative Medicines, Good Nutrition, and Exercise Management

March 2002 – Dr. Sharon Norling, Director of Mind, Body, Spirit Clinic at the University of Minnesota and Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Women’s Health.

Current Issues and Future Directions in Ovarian Cancer

February 2002 – Dr. William Cliby, Mayo Clinic

Sexuality and Intimacy After Cancer Treatment

November 2001 – Julie Ponto, Oncology Nurse Specialist and Program Coordinator for the Women’s Cancer Program at Mayo Clinic

Families Coping with Cancer

June 2001 – Psychologist Sue Petzel, University of Minnesota Women’s Health Center

Second Line Treatment for Ovarian Cancer and Risk Factors for Recurrence

July 2000 – Dr. Patricia Judson, gynecologic oncologist from the University of Minnesota.