STS Program Objectives and Description

The STS program aims to:

  • Increase awareness of ovarian cancer within the medical community
  • Highlight symptoms of the disease
  • Discuss the importance of early detection and referrals to gynecologic oncologists if ovarian cancer is suspected
  • Review information about risk factors
  • Gain insight into listening to patients’ concerns and becoming sensitized to the psychosocial aspects of ovarian cancer

The STS program brings the faces and voices of ovarian cancer survivors into the classroom to inform healthcare students about their experiences with the disease. Each woman who presents to the students has a unique story. These women – many diagnosed at an advanced stage – are in a distinct position to help students become more sensitive to the disease’s symptoms that can result in an earlier diagnosis.

At each STS session a panel of three ovarian cancer survivors presents their stories and then opens the floor to students’ questions during a one-hour presentation. Presentations’ time and content can be adapted and tailored to best serve specific schools and students.

  • At the presentation a facilitator will provide a brief introduction and then each presenter tells her story, illustrating the difficulty of early diagnosis and what happened to her as a result.
  • Each survivor’s story puts a face and voice to the disease, which is a powerful tool to increase students’ understanding of the disease.
  • The women who present will have been diagnosed at a variety of stages.
  • After the presentations, a question and answer period is held between the presenters and the students.
  • Students are given a brief pre- and post-survey to assess their understanding of the disease and the presentation’s value.