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In this month’s Teal Talk, MOCA Community Support Program Manager Stefanie Gliniany discusses the importance of taking time out of your day for self-care. Look for new ways to boost your well-being during stressful times.

It’s so important to make sure we’re all taking care of ourselves- body and mind. Practicing self-care isn’t always easy but if you can figure out what self-care strategies work best for you, it will help boost your well-being. Here are a few tips for self-care:

  • Get enough sleep. This can have a huge effect on how you feel both physically and emotionally.
  • Have a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Try to exercise regularly. Find an activity that puts a smile on your face, whether that’s taking a brisk walk or dancing around your kitchen.
  • Find ways to relax such as meditation, yoga or taking a walk.
  • Practice focus and gratitude. This could be visualization, journaling or creating a morning routine to help you stay on track and centered during the day.
  • Take a break and get outside. Spending time outside can help reduce stress, fatigue and help feel more mindful.

Your body and mind are your most valuable assets. Remember to give yourself a tune up every day by doing some of the activities mentioned above. As always, MOCA is here for you. If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me at or call 612-584-3550.