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Not all seasons are the same—and the same holds true for the “seasons” of survivorship. In this month’s Teal Talk, MOCA’s Community Support Program Manager Stefanie Gliniany shares a free resource to help navigate your survivorship journey.

The leaves are changing and falling, the air is crisp and another season is upon us. There are also “seasons” of cancer survivorship. In 1985, cancer survivor Fitzhugh Mullan, MD, identified what he called the “seasons” of cancer survivorship: acute survivorship, which involves diagnosis and initial treatment; extended survivorship, a time of watchful waiting with celebration, uncertainty, and transition; and permanent survivorship, the season of gradual confidence that there would be a future free of cancer.

Cancer survivorship has become an increasingly important issue, as more people are living longer after a diagnosis than ever before. Each person is unique on how they navigate the stages of survivorship, depending on a variety of factors. Understanding the seasons or stages of survivorship can help the survivor and her family stay on top of health considerations.

A resource I’d like to share is the Thrive Cancer Survivorship Series through the University of Minnesota, beginning October 11th. The Thrive Series is a free, weekly virtual series where you can learn more about cancer survivorship through education and resources. I invite you to take a look at look at this helpful resource and sign up, here.

If you’re looking for additional support navigating the seasons of survivorship, please contact me at MOCA offers a variety of support offerings to assist survivors throughout their journeys with ovarian cancer.

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