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Have you saved the date for MOCA’s Awards Luncheon & Education Summit, Saturday, November 4? In this month’s Teal Talk, MOCA Community Support Program Manager Stefanie Gliniany shares more about  what we have planned for this inspirational day!

Last year, we asked you for your input on topics you wanted to learn more about. Our November speakers will be speaking on the topics important to you—including treatment advances, survivorship and integrative therapies.

During the educational portion of our event, we’ll hear from Dr. Andrea Wahner Hendrickson of Mayo Clinic. We’ll learn about the latest ovarian cancer treatments, including a new class of drugs called antibody drug conjugates. Dr. Wahner Hendrickson will also share other new approaches to treating ovarian cancer.

Brenda Hartman, MSW, LISCW, will join us next. Hartman is a public speaker and a 30+ year stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor. She’ll discuss coping with the challenges of cancer, including fear of recurrence. We hope you’ll join in a discussion about learning to heal—and find joy beyond cancer.

In our final session of the day, Dr. Helen Healy will discuss naturopathic approaches to ovarian cancer care. She’ll be providing information on specific herbs and nutrients that can improve quality of life and survival.

We will also have representatives from University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic and MMCORC to share information about current and upcoming clinical trials being offered to women with ovarian cancer. You’ll have an opportunity to visit with these representatives and take home information on clinical trials that are currently open.

I am very excited about the education sessions we have planned, and I hope to see you there! Remember, you can join us for the luncheon, program and educational sessions, or come for part of the day. Please register, here.

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