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Even when we’re apart… we’re teal together at MOCA.

We’re teal together—providing hope to women and families facing unprecedented challenges.


Kate turned to MOCA after being diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2017. Kate was 35 years old and newly married.

“I was terrified and fearful,” Kate said.

Shortly after Kate’s diagnosis, she found encouragement through MOCA’s Young Survivor Network. Kate shared, “It makes me feel like I’m not alone… It gives me the courage to face my fears, anxieties and treatments.”

Kate experienced a recurrence this past March, shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began. She admits she was scared to receive treatment and feared the unknown.

“After hearing from other women (that) they had done it, I knew I could do it too,” Kate said.

She added, “It’s one thing to be going through cancer in general, but it’s another thing to be going through cancer during the pandemic… MOCA gives us all hope for a better future and outcome. I strongly believe in the power of research and have already benefited greatly from it. MOCAs work in this space is invaluable and imperative for ovarian cancer now and into the future.

Together, we’ll support women and families who need us now and build a brighter future for everyone impacted by ovarian cancer.

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