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Even when we’re apart… we’re teal together at MOCA.

We’re teal together—offering meaningful support to ovarian cancer survivors and their families when they need us most.


Patty was first diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2016. She found connection with other survivors through MOCA events and support groups. Patty’s connection to MOCA became even more meaningful to her after she faced a recurrence—during the pandemic.

“It’s isolated me more. Maintaining my support group has been very important,” said Patty.

MOCA has continued all of our support groups in new, virtual formats—offering survivors, loved ones and caregivers a safe place to connect. This connection is critical for many survivors as they face additional challenges with their care and increasing isolation because of the pandemic.

Patty said, “MOCA has meant support. The monthly virtual meetings let me chat with friends—friends who understand the feelings of dealing with this disease.”

Patty also values MOCA’s commitment to ovarian cancer research. The longer we can push out our own survival, the closer one of those researchers will come to finding something that will help–not only those of us currently dealing with the disease–but those who will come after,” Patty explained.

Your year-end gift to MOCA helps provide support and hope to women and families who need us now, more than ever.

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