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MOCA-funded research is changing the future of ovarian cancer.

Our Research Impact

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Thanks to our supporters, MOCA is a national nonprofit leader in ovarian cancer research funding.

MOCA has awarded more than $12 million to ovarian cancer research for better treatments, an early detection test and one day—a cure.

MOCA’s Research Funding

Minnesota-Based Research

Since 2001, MOCA has provided funding to Minnesota-based research projects investigating various aspects of ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer. MOCA Research Award projects have led to clinical trials, the development of several different innovative approaches using immunotherapy and vaccines to prevent recurrent disease—and advancements needed for an early detection test. MOCA funded projects frequently enable researchers to obtain larger federal grants needed to continue their work.


There is NO reliable test to detect ovarian cancer. MOCA launched our National Early Detection Research Awards in 2017, to continue our push for an early detection test.

Each year, we provide funding to researchers outside Minnesota who are committed to the work of developing an early detection test for ovarian cancer.


MOCA funded research proposals are rigorously reviewed by a panel of scientific experts from across the country who advise us on the scientific merit and national significance of each project. A group of consumer advocates, made up of survivors and family members, also review our grants to ensure we are funding research that is likely to have the biggest impact on our community.

Our researchers

Hear from our researchers about the significance of MOCA’s funding.

“With our current tools to detect and treat ovarian cancer, we are still catching the disease at advanced stages, and our treatments are most often not achieving permanent cures. We need to develop better ways to detect and treat this disease, and these will only be achieved through research like that which MOCA supports.”

Matt Block, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic
MOCA Research Award Recipient

“MOCA allowed me to explore new ideas in the laboratory that would have been considered too high-risk by other funding options. The data generated from my MOCA research has provided key preliminary data for subsequent grant applications.”

Kevin Elias, MD, Dana-Farber, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
MOCA National Early Detection Research Award Recipient

“I am truly very grateful to those who have chosen to support MOCA… Your support has enabled researchers to pursue projects that are necessary to increase our understanding of the biology of ovarian cancer and then apply those discoveries to the identification of early-stage biomarkers and new treatments for ovarian cancer.”

Amy Skubitz, PhD, University of Minnesota
MOCA’s Most-Funded Researcher

“For more than two decades, MOCA has been dedicated to funding several important research initiatives in the fight against ovarian cancer. Supporting MOCA is important in propelling its mission to enhance diagnostics and therapies for ovarian cancer, thereby aiding women impacted by this disease.”

Arun Kanakkanthara, PhD, Mayo Clinic
MOCA Research Award Recipient

research updates

MOCA-funded research continues to move the field of ovarian cancer forward. Our funded research has been presented at national conferences and published in scientific journals.


Your support accelerates research progress.

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